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Originally Posted by CPMcGraw
Nice set of designs, Dale! That "Double Barrel" looks great climbing out. I can see, though, how a single-engine-out could cause instant trouble. If you feel like it, work that up as a RKT file and post it.

BTW, which way did it start cartwheeling? Toward the dead engine, I'd suspect. If only we could do tubes on an angle instead of just along the centerlines...

Thanks, I loved that rocket. I'll have to rebuild it sometime. Yes, it did cartwheel towards the dead engine. It was pretty heavy with all that fin area at the bottom, and originally the vent holes were too small and I blew out one side of one of the engine pods. If I rebuild it, I may try to either cant the engine pods or something to allow for a larger vent hole.

Here's a build thread from

Here's the RockSim file

Here's a video

The second launch is where the vent hole problem surfaced. I used two D-12 engines and one engine mount blew out completely and it came in tail-first. I found the engine mount believe it or not and eventually repaired the hole. It flew one more time successfully before the final crash.
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