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Default Golden Scout Flight Thread

Thought I would go ahead and start a thread for y'alls to post to when you fly your Golden Scout! Post pictures too!

So who has flown theirs?

I flew mine yesterday afternoon on my day off..Hardly a whisper of wind, clear blue skies with temperature in the low 80's, and so was the humidity..Went down to the school yard down the road from me to launch a few others..

I flew mine on an A10-3T stuck in an old A8-3 spent casing..And WOW! Little sucker really got up there! Motor kicked back just as it is supposed to and had a perfect tumble recovery and it landed in the grass about 10 feet from the pad..

Here it is on the pad


On the ground after flight

Fins were scorched a little but not as badly as I have seen some post..There was also some discoloration at the vent holes from the ejection charge

Am hoping to get my Flight #103 built and finished up and flown next Tuesday Flight #100 is now retired..
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