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Originally Posted by SEL
I agree - more than a little uncalled for. Just my 2 cents.
I can appreciate why people feel that way. But I don't know the guy, so I'm more willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. I agree he could have handled it better. But given that he's still posting, it looks like he's over it and we're all no worse for the wear.

My take it that he's the new guy here, and perhaps is a little tentative and on edge, and doesn't have the familiarity that most of use share. IOW, he doesn't yet know who to ignore and who's just kidding around.

And, speaking of edgy, a good percentage of the folks I know in this hobby are wound pretty tight. I think a high level of intensity is pretty common amongst engineering types, which rocketeers tend to be by nature if not by profession, so I can tolerate a bit of temper. Lord knows mine's sinfully bad.

So anyway, I agree there may have been some overreaction, but I'm OK with it.

Plus, if it really was Irvine who set him off...well, I've been saving a can o' whoop @$$ for him since he popped off in 2002. The only thing that saved him then was Pat Gordzelik un-inviting him from LDRS. Folks all around Texas were lining up to waylay his sorry self. The last thing we need here is Irvine running off the new members, no matter what their temperaments.

My nickel's worth.


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