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Originally Posted by Eagle3
I'm almost sure it was Irvine. Knowing Jerry, if you go through his posts over the weekend there are subtle, between the line comments meant to get under Mike's skin, which, yes is thin. It worked.

I'd be willing to bet money that Mike's comment "or would rather talk past me rather than to me" was posted directly to Jerry's comments in post #122. Jerry's comment "You think Mike is cool" probably struck a nerve with him as well.

Also in post #64 where Jerry posted "Your service is appreciated even from the non star struck among us." I realize his post was a reply to a user named starstruck but it could very easily be misinterpreted because he followed up with "God bless you for the Cineroc". That "star stuck" comment was probably a shot at Mike.

Jerry can get under a persons skin. Anyone that's been around any of the other forums knows what I'm talking about. I do appreciate that he seems to be playing by the rules here and I'm glad he is. He'll be banned otherwise. His past aside he is a very knowledgeable guy and can bring a lot of information to the table. I hope he continues to behave and it sure seems like he is trying .....

I for one have asked my last question in the "Ask Mike" forum. I'm glad he answered my questions about the original Cineroc carrier vehicles but frankly I don't appreciate the slap that everyone rec'd and the threats to shut his forum section down. Mike wants to call someone out, name names. If I did something to piss him off, I'd expect him to call me out for it. If he don't like Jerry or anyone else for that matter let "them" know. Don't threaten to punish us all with that spanking he dished out .....

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