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Yeah, that's what I'm hoping. I have 2 powr pads... one in "meh" condition with a controller amd one in "new as they get" (10) condition but with doubles of one side of the controller. Which makes "negative sense" but it is what it is.

Hoping I find another new set on EBay or I'm going to be having a plastic mold made. Which becomes a bit over the top just for a nice display

Originally Posted by Earl
Your original post was clear and I understood what you were looking for. I kinda figured too you probably got the set off ebay, but was not certain.

I was simply suggesting that these pads do show up on ebay (which you probably already knew) on some regular basis, and while some are not in the best of condition, you might just find one pretty cheap to get that 'top' part of the controller you need.

In any event, good luck on the hunt. And maybe someone here just might have that part themselves to share.

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