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Default Dollar Tree Fmbd

Originally Posted by olDave
I have used dollar store material also, and found their "foam core" was prone to delamination. Big bubbles in wide areas, and splits at the edges.

I hope you have better luck. I switched over to foam core from HobLob (with a 40% discount, still not expensive)

Im betting this is Adams Readiboard, something that I've used buttgobs of over the last dozen years.

For a long while, it wasn't prone to the issues you're describing above. Also, no matter what type of FMBD you get, always try to get a sheet at the *back* of a pack, preferably one that is pressed well by all the others in front. That tends to be pretty straight, at least for a while.

Always better to get and quickly use foamboards. I've got some 'potato chips' that were straight as a board when originally purchased a year or so ago.

Wonder if Adams is 'de-speccing' their product now, just to keep it at $1? Probably...
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