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Originally Posted by Royatl
The adapted mini motor flight was just as good.
At the risk of venturing off topic, I think that illustrates one of the challenges the T motors have always faced. Folks get it in their heads, at some level or another, that they're not as powerful as 18mm motors. I know, in my case, I lost a Quark all those years ago thinking that little 13mm motor wouldn't impart enough woosh to lose it. WRONG!

I think even Estes recognizes the paradigm of the form factor resulting in them selling four AxT motors for the price of three 18mm A motors.

In short, in most applications, the T motors can be readily substituted for the 18mm motors by just using spent motor cases as throw-away adapters. That gives us the A3-3, A3-2 and -4, and full A3-4 and A10-3 motors to fly in shorty applications as well as full length. That is, with adapters, most of the 18mm A series could be replaced (altho I know that'll never happen). One thing the full sized A's do offer is the longer -5 delay, and maybe a bit more lifting thrust off the pad. And, as Fred will point out, the full sized A's have a larger nozzle which helps in staging, although I've had great success staging to the smaller ones.

So I believe you when you say your Scout flew just as well on the T motors


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