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Originally Posted by Carl@Semroc
We are announcing a new club today called SAM (Semroc Astronautic Modelers) that will partially supplant the SVDT. The details are on our website. Just as you can see the "invisible" SVDT forum, SAM members will be able to see the "invisible" SAM forum.

It will have a 10% discount (20%) if NAR membership is also current, just as the SVDT has been. Some of the confidential info will not be public on the SAM forum as it is here. We will probably keep the SVDT for mor private info just as we have been using it for.

If you are still active on the SVDT forum, please post here in the next few days so we can clean up the active members list.

Hey Carl,

I'm not as vocal as some, but I check in 5 or 6 times a week. The Good news is after almost 2 years of unemployment, I started working again back in August ( The bad news is my spare time is cut to next to nothing. For now I'll take the bad news - it sure as heck beats the alternative. I have been keeping track of the new releases: The Trident, Scrambler and a couple or 3 of the Ready To Build kits are on my New Years resolution list. You'll be hearing from me soon after Christmas.

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