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Originally Posted by Feyd
My hard drive started doing strange things on my last computer and suddenly I couldn't boot any more. So I bought a new one and put the old hard drive in it as a secondary drive. Was able to get back all of my old data. I guess the boot sector was pooched.

So right now I have two hard drives in the case plus a 1TB external drive I use for backups and other things.

It's good to have multiple backup paths.

The bad thing about this is one of my two drives is in an external case, connected via USB 2.0, and this machine was the only one of my 'big boxes' that could read this drive. I haven't yet tried to attach this drive to one of my laptops, which I'll try today.

If I put a new drive into this box, it will be the third primary drive since being built. The drive in the external case was the original. It got trashed out as a boot drive when it was hit with a virus that clobbered Norton and Zone Alarm in one blow. I put in a new drive and installed Vista when that happened, then slaved the old drive through USB. It had been working that way for two years without any other major issue.
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