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Originally Posted by Bill
You did not say how that machine died. Did the hard drive make ugly noises? Did you suddenly get lots of read and write errors?

Otherwise, there is a chance the drive and the data on it may be safe. Try moving the hard drive to another computer to see whether you can access the information on it.


It's a Vista Ultimate system, and I was able to see the files in Safe Mode. There are two drives involved, both set up as "dynamic". I started noticing some erratic behavior a few days earlier which I attributed to a thermal problem, and tore the machine down for a thorough blow-out of dust. This appeared to solve the problem, but within 48 hours the machine had corrupted its boot-up files to the point that Safe Mode was the only way I could get the desktop.

I'm setting everything aside until I can research the problem. I tried attaching one of the drives to my Win7 Pro machine, but it could not import or reactivate the disk.

As far as error messages, I don't use this machine as a primary workstation. It's set up in another part of the computer room and I connect to it through the "remote desktop" feature of Win7. The only indication I got of a serious problem was the machine would not connect. When I hooked it up to K, M, & M, I got a black screen. Not a "BSOD" blue screen, but a solid black nothing screen. The boot sequence gets just past the "rolling status bar" welcome screen, then hangs.

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