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Originally Posted by Feyd
Good luck. I recently signed up with one of the online backup services (Carbonite) and I'm so glad I did. $55/year and it backs up whatever I want on my home computer. Well worth it if I ever have a problem like you have experienced.

I started using Mozy this year as well. Before that I had the system automatically backup to an external hard drive.

I really wish everyone would take steps to automatically back-up their PCs, regardless of how they do it. I keep reading stories like this on the various forums I'm on, and it makes me wince every time. It's not a matter of IF your computer will lose your data, it's a matter of WHEN.

For me, it was 3-4 months after my oldest son was born. All of his baby pictures were lost, except those we had printed. We actually would have lost about 4 years worth of other digital photos as well, but in a chance incident I had copied them over to a laptop to take on a vacation with us. The pictures of my son were in a folder on the desktop and were missed. I also lost a ton of financial information, etc.

Please don't wait until something like this happens to you to start backing up.
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