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Exclamation First Entry In The Contest -- Starship Proxima II

I'll send in the first recon mission, to test the waters...

This is the Starship Proxima II, and I tried to work in a bunch of parts that Carl has been adding to the catalog over the past two years. The nose cone is a special cut based on a couple that Carl turned for me some time back, and for which I did post at least one model for.

New components:
  • BC-1178-SP -- a compound blend of a BC-1052, a balsa PPB, and a TR-711.
  • BC-1149-O -- Series 11, 4.9" long, ogive.
  • BC-2708-E-SPX-FR -- A bulkhead more than a nose cone, Series 27, 0.75" long, elliptical; has four mounting holes for the forward crew module.
  • BC-2708-E-SPX-S -- Series 27, 0.75" long, elliptical; has six holes to fit ST-2 tubes.
  • BC-2708-E-SPX-224 -- Series 27, 0.75" long, elliptical; has two holes to fit ST-9 engine tubes.
  • ST-1120 -- Series 11 tube, 2" long.
  • ST-2780 -- Series 27 tube, 8" long.
  • Fin sheets.
  • Truss strips; 0.05" matteboard.
  • A centering ring.

Length: 46.93"
Diameter: 2.70" (ST-27)
Fin Span: 12.20"
Weight: 7.5 oz

(2) D12-5......750'......Dv 8 FPS....3/16" x 48" Launch Rod

So far, only the D12-5 is recommended. Using these for power, the rocket needs 34" to reach safe flight V, so I opted for the longer rod. Recovery is by three 16" parachutes. Touchdown V is 12 FPS.

I'm sure the design could be tweaked a bit to wring out some performance, or to clean up any weak areas.

Share and Enjoy!
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