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Default New Contest - Starships

This is a pre-announcement of a planned SAM contest. During the next several months we will release the Starship Vega, Starship Excalibur, Starship Correy (what's that?), and a new one to be designed by a SAM.

Rules are sketchy right now. Design must be in Rocksim format so we know we can build it and that it is stable. It must use our standard parts, except fins, rings, nose cones, transitions, decals (what is left?) which will be custom. It should be something that looks like a starship (whatever that is.) Only SAM 's can enter designs.

The winner, as selected by a public vote here on YORF, will get #6-#25 production kits, 10 unnumbered kits AND will get to name the starship (within reason, we get a veto.) Starship Eagle3.... Starship McGraw... Starship tbzep... Starship McLawhorn... (well that's a dream, I would not win anyway!)

Other members can be added to the family. Suggestions?
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