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Originally Posted by ghrocketman
An ejection failure is an unlikely, but possible event.
An improper CP/CG relationship GUARANTEES an unstable and often disasterous flight.

Sometimes, it's not the lead in the nose but the rocks in my head that cause the problems!

Yesterday was a beautiful day here in North Tejas. Deep blue skies, light winds and temperatures in the upper fifties. So we loaded up my latest bird and headed up to a friends 15 acre flat pasture for a test flight of the unpainted airframe. I re-checked the CM/CP relationship and discovered that even without adding nose ballast I was good to go.

Empty weight was 816 grams sans motor. Installed G80-7T Estes/AT motor. Perfect flight, straight as an arrow. Ejection chute! Then the sickening thud.

For some unknown reason I had placed the chute under the recovery harness and although the nose and harness ejected the chute hung up just inside the end of the body tube.

I shall rebuild. And next time, NO DRINKIN!
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