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Originally Posted by Thor
Well, the Bt55 Original Goblin is gone and we had a heavy rain last night so I am sure the BT is soggy by now in its desert grave (see my other thread Bye Bye Goblin for the maiden flight/lose details). Got in the BT for the Red Max (DRM for my daughter) in standard BT60 format for 18mm Motors and I am now building a replacment Golin in BT60 so it will be a little heavier and bigger than the 1X vapor trail rocket. At 4 ounces projected weight it should do much better than the 1.5 ounce 1X model as far as recovery is concerned. I plan the D12-6 for this one. Sunday is my rocket buidling day so a lot of fun is coming up tomorrow. Finish paint for the DRM will be black cone over red body tube with appropriate decals. The Goblin is going to be a little more pumpkin color rather than the yellow I used before. Hopefully both these rockets will return to earth to be recovered to fly again and again.

The Squirrel Works Gemlin kit is pretty much identical to the Estes Goblin except it's just about one inch longer. I purchased a Gremlin kit from The Squirrel Works vendor booth at
the recently held Tex-Regional meet in McGregor, TX last month, and just finished building
the kit. Hope to put up a test flight this coming Saturday at the Challenger 498 Section's
club launch at Rushing Park, Katy, TX. Will use a D12-7... AFter several flights I'm hoping to
write a product review on this kit for the EMRR. I sure wish Estes still had the D11-9 motors,
as that was my favorite when I still had my Goblin years back. Don't remember how I lost
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