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Originally Posted by Ltvscout
The 1981 Catalog has been added to post #1 in this thread. Thanks to Earl Cagle (Earl).

Thanks Scott for posting another one for us.

This particular catalog, more brief than the others, is not dated. But, it was in a small group of Xacto literature with the 1980 catalog that I scanned and sent to Scott a little over a week ago. Also included in that group of literature was a 1982 price list, but I don't know for sure that this is a 1982 catalog. It is at LEAST 1981 because the catalog states on the front that Xacto is "a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hunt Manufacturing". Hunt purchased Xacto in 1981.

My best guess is this is a 1981 catalog. The back cover introduces their X-caliber series of knives. However, the 1982 price list -- which I have added as the last pages of this catalog -- 'stars' the items that are new. The X-caliber series of knives are listed, but are NOT shown as new. Meaning, they had already BEEN out, probably in 1981.

So, certainly a very early 80s catalog, probably 1981, but not certain.
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