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Indeed, that's what I was hoping for.

Lemme tell you a story.

In early October, my best friend died, claimed by cancer a few days before his 47th birthday, and a few days after mine. He wasn't a rocketeer... in fact, owing to his health issues and my late return to the hobby, he never got to attend a launch. But he knew I was into rocketry. You can't walk in to my office and not know I'm into rocketry.

His widow came by the other day and handed my wife a handful of cash. She said he had always wanted to get me a rocket as a gift, but didn't really know much about buying one, and while he was sick he didn't have funds to do so anyway. She asked that I use the money to buy a rocket, and that I fly it in his memory.

****, I get choked up just typing that. It's going to be hard to do the countdown...

She gave me too much money. I only fly low power, owing to field size limits, my own cheapness, and the huge pile of LPR engines I presently own, and she gave me enough to buy pretty much any LPR kit I might want with cash left over.

I asked my wife what she suggested I do, and she said to get a sci-fi inspired rocket, as my friend would have enjoyed that the most. My very first thought was the Atlantis... I always loved it in the catalog back in the day, but never bought one. I figured, no problem, someone has a kit or parts or something... but other than the "refit" version, nobody seems to have the fins.

And of course, I want this to be PERFECT. He was my best friend, after all. So laser-cut fins are what I'm hoping for.

If I just plain can't get it, the USS America reproduction is my second choice. That, at least, I can get. But USS Atlantis is just cooler.

Whatever I build, I'll fly it, as I believe all rockets should fly, but only sparingly. Special occasions, you know?
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