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Cool Jay's "Tau Zero"

It seems like the server for Ye Olde Rocket Forum (YORF) has been busy a *lot* lately, so late Sunday night, I actually picked up a project which had lain fallow for a year.

Last year, I sketched out the fin patterns for my original "Tau Zero" design onto graph paper, and "guesstimated" the width of the inner fins. I glued the outer fins to the ring fin, and didn't run into any problems. But gluing the the inner fins onto the main body tube, I suddenly discovered that 1/2 an inch is a *long* ways from 0.4," AND THE RING FIN *DIDN'T FIT!*

So a couple of weeks ago, I finally figured out how to cut the inner fins down (changing the front and back angle, as well as the width), so Sunday I marked, cut, and then sanded accordingly.

I'm always intrigued to see where rocketeers take pictures of their rockets, so I figured the glass-topped table on my back patio would add a new and different background texture. (In the fourth picture, my 8 year old daughter's basketball seems to approve.)

Bill E. and John Thro should also be glad to see that I'm *finally* making progress on this design.


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