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Default Study Summary- Conceptual Design of a High Energy Astronomical Observatory-Titan IIID

Been awhile since I dipped into my archives and did a study summary, so here goes...

From 1970, a "Conceptual Design of a High Energy Astronomical Observatory using Titan IIID". Basically a predecessor to Chandra, designed to chart the sky in X-ray, gamma rays, and cosmic rays. (Orbital X-ray telescope). The study doesn't go into a lot of detail of the telescope itself, (which wouldn't be of huge interest to rocketry modelers anyway) but mainly focuses on the Titan IIID vehicle they planned to launch it with, which (at that time) was designed and used exclusively (AFAIK) on the west coast (Western Test Range) at Vandenberg, for polar launches of US reconnaissance satellites. It talks about the various modifications that were required for the vehicle's use at the Eastern Test Range (Cape Canaveral) for low-inclination "equatorial orbit" launches, mainly guidance system modifications since basically it used a rather primitive "beam rider" type guidance system being phased out. Of course this is sorta "beside the point" for model rocketry, but the study DID have some good descriptions and graphics of the Titan IIIC (which was an alternate launch vehicle for this plan) and the Titan IIID, which WOULD be of interest to rocketeers.

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