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Originally Posted by MarkB.

While poking around the Semroc parts portion of the eRockets website, I found some Easter Eggs. Nose cone, fins and decals (!) for a 1/10 AIM-54C Phoenix missile. In this scale, the tubing is Series 15/ BT-58. the rocket will be just a shade over 15.75 inches long. I ordered some BT58 tubing, some centering rings for 18mm power and figured I had everything else in the spares pile.

The list is:

Semroc Balsa Nose Cone BT-58 3.0" SEM-BNC-58P $8.49 USD

Semroc Body Tube BT-58 18.0" Long SEM-BT-58-180 $3.29 USD

Semroc Centering Rings BT-20 to BT-58(6pk) SEM-RA-20-58 $3.49 USD

Semroc Decal - AIM-54C Phoenix™ SEM-DKD-6 $7.99 USD

Semroc Laser-Cut Fins Phoenix AIM-54C™ (BT-58)
Sheet A 1/16 Basswood, Sheet B 3/16 Balsa SEM-FD-6 $8.49 USD

So call it $32. The fin pack includes the distinctive large fillets on the forward fins from balsa that fit around the basswood fins themselves. I think these are the fixin's for an upcoming kit. I imagine making the instruction sheet to be the tricky part of any kitting. I'll do a build over the next couple of weeks, time permitting (I ALWAYS underestimate how long it's going to take). I'm not sure where I'll find Radome Tan paint but goodness knows I have lots of flat Grey. I've already dunked the nose in polyurethane a couple of times and its almost ready to go.

Should be fun. Pictures tomorrow.

Radome Tan FS 33613 was used on the radomes of military aircraft. It is a beige color that is found in most hobby paint lines. You may still find it in Testors Model Master paints if your LHS still carries them.
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