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Luckily, those are three kits I've already purchased. The SST is the only one I haven't built yet. I can see how those kits could be problematic for some people, and ultimately would be(are) for Semroc. I don't mind scrounging up plans, or making small mods on my own, but have also cloned a few rockets on my own before discovering Semroc. The way I looked at it, if anyone is offering something in kit form, it is a real treat, whether it is sans instructions and has improvements or not. The fact it came from Semroc was even better...quality parts, good price, fast turn around, and good support. I think you should eventually bring back the Space Plane for sure, when time warrants. The SST is cool design too. The X-21, I wasn't too thrilled with, no hard feelings here if you ditch that one. I'd better double check and make sure I have the plans downloaded for the SST, I'm pretty sure I do.

I hope the Centauri turns out to be do-able. You know I have special plans for that one, Carl!

As far as the C5 Super Kits, that's a tough call, since some of us would mod for 24mm or fly on 18mm reload anyway. But, I can again see how that could be problematic for the average Joe. Guess you'll just have to start pumping out those C5's sooner than you thought!
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