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Default Ignore Enhancer

Here are a couple of cool little additions to your browsers to enhance your ignore list. With vBulletin, posts by members on your ignore list have content erased, but the post box is still there. Also, when someone quotes the ignored member, the content of the post is shown in the quote box.

With Firefox, you use a script that will eliminate the post completely, and so far I've noticed that the quoted posts have been removed too!

Chrome has an add-on that eliminates the post completely, but it doesn't clean up anything that has been quoted. It is as simple as adding the add-on to your chrome browser. Thanks to Buzz for finding it!

Firefox uses a script, so installation is slightly more involved. First, install the Greasemonkey add-on. It manages and runs scripts for you so you don't have to be smart. That's why I like it! The installation below looks complicated, but it only takes a minute and is intuitive so you won't have any trouble. If you do, PM me and I will help you.


Once added to your Firefox browser, surf to the script and install using the buttons at the upper right.

Click on Firefox Tools/Greasemonkey/ManageUserScripts/

The script is called NYYFans Ignore Enhancer. Click on Preferences, then User Settings.

Add this to the User Settings Included Pages:*

Restart Firefox

Surf YORF and enjoy! Now you don't have to even see my forum name/avatar ever again!
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