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Originally Posted by Faithwalker
Today, I received a call from Ken Montanye's sister, Charlene. She provided an update similar to what has been shared already, but she explained that things had been difficult with Covid-19 and with Ken's long-term care needs. Charlene explained that she lives in NY and Ken lived in NJ, and the care facility where Ken was moved had limited visitation. She explained that Ken's last wishes were to keep things simple and low key, so she wanted to respect his wishes.

Charlene did send me a nice photo, along with her permission to share, of her brother, Ken Montanye's memorial urn, which she has. She is considering sharing a portion of Ken's ashes with some model rocket friends to launch into the sky with their model rockets as a fitting memorial to her brother. Charlene was very gracious to allow me the honor and privilege of praying with her to ask the Lord's comfort for her and for her family.

Ken Montanye's sister, Charlene, sent me this photo today of her brother. She expressed her gratitude and thanks for everyone's kind thoughts and prayers for their family. She is also thankful for all the friends that Ken had on this forum. Rocketry and Model Rocketry were two of Ken's passions for which his family were glad that he was involved. Ken had developed diabetes when he was just 13 years old, so his parents were glad to see him excited and involved in Model Rocketry to take his mind off of the diabetes illness that he had. Ken was able to make several contributions to the Model Rocketry hobby over the years, which helped to provide enjoyment for many.

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