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Default WSR Launch, Dayton, OH - 2/27/21

Sixty degree days in February are nothing to be taken lightly, so even with the coin toss as to which field we'd be flying on, I wasn't going to miss this chance. We wound up on the "little" field, which is still large enough to be E, F and G friendly. I had a list prepared as to what I wanted to take, but lists only work if you can remember where you put them. In the end I spent Friday night pulling birds from boxes and picking as many dusty and new birds as I could find. I wound up taking about 20 rockets and was running about an hour late. I figured I'd work my way through and was hoping to put up 10-12, but I wound up surprising myself by flying fifteen. (I think Mike Rohde and I accounted for almost 20% of the total number of 154 on the day.) Everything flew great except for my new Kormoran scratchbuild, which apparently needs another pound or two of nose weight. It stayed straight until it was out of the range of the camera, but eventually started swapping ends and landed with a thud without damage in between the flightline and the cars. Mike Rohde had an Astron Cobra disassemble itself mid-flight on a 3xB6-6 load. Not sure what the issue was there as the Cobra is usually foolproof. I had mine along, but decided against flying it because I'd forgotten my clip whip. It was in a box on the table along with all of my C6-0 and A10-0T motors, so no Texas Firefly flight. Prez Dave spent most of the day trying to kill Chuff the Magic Dragon, an Estes Vapor with a death wish. He was flying it on a bunch of 20ish year old composites and it lived up to the name on a couple of occasions. The last few flights were done after the nose cone was lost and it was found that an Apollo capsule would fit into the nose cone area. I missed the flight, but Loopy had a perfect C6-3 flight with an R2D2 rocket, then spent the rest of the day guarding his car from attack.
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