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Originally Posted by Chris_Timm
Another playoff game, another gooney design.
This time its the SCUD-B!...

Rocksim went nuts with "calculated mass" and the thing came in at close to a POUND!...

Quirky program.


Take a look at my revision. I think this is more what you had in mind. Always remember, using paper transitions also requires an internal structure to hold it all together with. Keep the thickness of paper to about 0.002, and it will be close enough to compute the weight. Centering rings and a tube make for a great internal frame. Another thing to keep in mind, the database for Estes plastic nose cones is corrupt and inaccurate. It lists them as being made of "G10 Fiberglass" instead of "Polystyrene PS", and it has the thickness as 0.125". WAY TOO THICK and WAY TOO HEAVY. You have to manually make these changes to the database and save them in your copy of RocSim.

New specs:

Just under 2.75 oz with the C6-5 loaded; 1.92 oz empty...

The rocket will reach flight V in 36" for all four motors I simmed with. The A8-3 has the highest Dv at 20 FPS...

See attached files...
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