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Default Open Invitation For Goony Bertha Kitbash Challenge

The upcoming basketball & hockey playoffs are prime time for the wives to leave us undisturbed for a solid 2.5-3 hrs every few nites.

This is the perfect time to goony bash together something new, old, exciting, boring, or whimsically faux-scale out of a baby bertha.
Throw in a Custom Razor or Quest Totally Tubular just for extra parts if needed.
It really doesn't matter. Its GOONY!

I prefer to use pre-cut fins robbed from one or more kits for inspiration.
The rest of you can do the same, or cut your own.

The CHALLENGE is to submit ONE BUILT DESIGN for every playoff game YOUR TEAM plays.
Doesn't have to be painted, just glued on fins so you can post 3 pictures (top,side,end).
It should be easy to bash something out while watching the game.

If your team LOSES that particular game, then you're off the hook for a NEW design for that game, but you have to submit a different paint scheme for a previous design of your own, someone elses, or from a previous bertha-bash. That'll ease the pain a bit!

If they get eliminated quick, well, you don't need to come up with any more designs.
If they keep advancing thru the playoffs, well, prepare to RELEASE THE HOUNDS!!!!

I'm at a disadvantage in that I'll be watching both the Red Wings and Pistons games.
I'm at an advantage in that the wife will (and wants to) watch them too.

I've got pre-cut fins for 14 designs just waiting to be glued up,
and another 14 that require custom cut-yer-own fins.
Cheating allowed with respect to additional detail parts.
Some of my upcoming designs have special cannibalized pieces that make/break the design.

Its been a long time since I've been this geeked up about building.
Maybe its my version of a midlife crisis????

How about you guys??????
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