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Exclamation Parts Lists for XFNC Challenge #1, #2, #3, #4

Originally Posted by Solomoriah
Excellent, Craig, thanks! Can I ask a favor? A parts list would be nice. I can probably guess my way through it, but it would be much quicker with a list.

Here's the basic #1:

BC-1031 Elliptical NC
ST-10180 Main Body
(2) CR-510 Rings
ST-530 Engine Tube
TB-5 or TR-5 Thrust Block
EH-1 Mini Hook
SE-10 Screw Eye
SCE-24 Elastic Chord
SCK-24 Kevlar Thread
CPK-12 12" Parachute
LL-122 2" Launch Lug, 1/8" x 2.25"
1/8" Balsa Sheet

For both #2 and #3, add:

HTC-10 Coupler

For only #2, add:

ST-10100 Body Tube

For only #3, add:

ST-1080 Body Tube

I didn't use a stuffer tube on #2 or #3, as the ST-10 is small enough that I don't think it would be necessary.

For the #4:

BC-1344 Ogive NC
(2) ST-13180 Body Tubes
HTC-13 Coupler
(2) ST-5150 Engine Tubes
(2) TB-5 or TR-5 Thrust Blocks
(2) EH-2 Standard-length Hooks
(3) Custom CR-513 Rings for 2-engine clusters
(2) LL-110 1" x 1/8" Launch Lugs
CPK-16 16" Parachute
SCE-24 Elastic Chord
SCK-24 Kevlar Thread
1/8" Balsa Sheet

This is a deviation from the given design, by using two 15" lengths of ST-5 instead of the short 3" lengths shown in the original design. Add one extra centering ring at the very top of the stuffers for internal support and to close off the volume around the tubes. Use the standard hooks instead of the mini hooks, as the second ring is used to "clamp down" on the hook. Use a touch of epoxy (or JB Weld) to hold the hooks down, and you shouldn't have them come loose.

The changes this makes to the design increase the mass to 2.79 oz, drops the altitude to 226', but more importantly, drops the Dv to a mere 2 FPS over the top. All of the simulation runs for this Mk II version show the parachute symbols with no arrows in any run. See the attached files.
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