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Originally Posted by Bob Kaplow
Do things like the Infinite Loop and backsliders count as odd-roc BGs?

Back-sliders? Sure - were there any that were deliberately designed to recover that way, and did they actually glide?

I don't know what the Infinite Loop was.

Aside from back-sliding superrocs, etc, and The Flyin' Stovepipe, did anyone ever made a boost glider in which the glider was a (more or less) simple tube? Or a version resembling those paper airplanes that have, instead of wings, two paper loops, one at each end of the fuselage?

The thing that really struck me about the Stovepipe was that the glider part didn't look like a rocket, nor did it look anything like a glider, either. It didn't look like anything that one would expect to see sailing along in the sky. A simple cylinder, wingless and open at both ends - I wonder if he might have gotten the idea from kite technology? And I wonder if there would be other hollow shapes that would work, too.

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