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Exclamation New Plans -- Aerobee 150 (Three Versions)

Last year I tossed up a semi-scale version of the MMI/EIRP semi-scale Aerobee-Hi. While this was a good-looking model in its own right, it was not entirely accurate in some of the dimensions, notably the nose cone.

Using scale data located on the internet, I have drawn up and simulated three different versions of this model, which was also known as the Aerobee 150. As with the earlier models, these represent only the upper stage, and not a full-house two-stage stack. I will try to come up with a correct booster for these variants at a later date. I am sticking with the ST-8 body tube, and I am resizing the fins to their correct scale width of 23.5" (1.4" model fin width). The original rocket was 15" in diameter.

The three versions presented here are:

Aerobee 150 RTV-N-8, 241.8" long (14.64" model length)
Aerobee 150 'Standard', 283.6" (17.17" model length)
Aerobee 150 RV-N-13b, 298.6" (18.08" model length)

One additional version, the RTV-A-1a/RTV-N-10a, was the same length as the RTV-N-8, but used a different sustainer motor with a higher initial impulse (4100 lbs for 32 seconds, versus 2600 lbs for 45 seconds).

Note that there were many variations of the basic Aerobee 150 design, with differing lengths of the conduit shrouds and even the shape of the fins. The fins drawn for these models represent the common rounded-tip fins seen in a number of images, and are now based on actual photographs; they have been widened to the correct span, and are as close to the correct LE sweep and chord length as the photograph allowed. One notable variation also seen was a sharp-cornered fin set.

These models represent the original series configuration. There was a later "A" series that used four sharp-cornered fins and which was mated to a more powerful NIKE booster.

You will note in the RKT file a designation for a SEMROC BC-853 nose cone. I'm wearing a big Cheshire Cat grin right now, because I asked Carl if this nose cone could be created, and he agreed to add it to the collection. This is a Tangent-Ogive shape, with a length of 5.3". It closely matches the actual nose cone length of 87.8". When you compare these models to the earlier BARCLONE version, you can see the improvement.

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