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Default New Design -- Estes Omega 3-Stage Variant

Estes Omega 3-Stage Variant

First ..... I loved the original Estes Omega 2-stage rocket. I owned several of these and even used FSI conversion kits on one that I built to use F engines and never tired of flying the Omega. Why mess with such a great design? I've seen some rocketeers build a third stage for their Omega placing on the additional booster a set of the larger second stage fins of the original, and some using the smaller upper stage fins on the sustainer and second stage booster with only the larger fins on the first stage booster. Either way, the already overstable Omega becomes even more overstable and prone to weathercocking using D12's in all three stages.

I had intended to build this model using this RockSim file but never got to it. Less fin span and smaller fin area are what I went after to actually try to lessen the margin of stability since we are using twelve fins. The design is also stable in two stage configuration according to RockSim and it shows decent flights according to the simulations. Personally I like the streamlined look of the design.

Length: 35.75"
Diameter: 1.640" (BT-60)
Span Dia: 5.307"
Weight: 5.295 oz

D12-0 / D12-0 / D12-7 .......2,305'.........DV 5 FPS.........48" x 3/16" rod

You're going to need at least a 48" rod to fly this model and probably should upgrade the 1/8" launch lugs in the design to 3/16" to stiffen it up a bit since it weighs about 10oz loaded up for flight with three D12's. Dv is about 35fps with an E9-8 in the sustainer so I'm not recommending anything but D12's unless a payload is used to slow it down a little .....

I found this design on my back up disc. It's a RockSim v8 design and I didn't save over it so those of you with RockSim 8 should be able to use the attached file.

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