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Default New Design: Falcon Rocket Racer

This design was inspired by the aircraft from the Rocket Racing League. ( I chose not to include the prevalent carnards in my design.

While this model utilizes standard parachute recovery, but I would like to eventually get the model to glide recover, kicking out the motor with either a streamer or parachute for recovery. I've seen this technique used on the Estes Space Shuttle and SR-X models.

The balsa fins (wings) are laminated with 110# cardstock for strength. Carbon fiber tape could also be used to strengthen the fins further, especially the longer ones. TTW is used wherever possible.

A version with wing-tips will need to wait for RS9 to model properly.


... Bill

Name: Falcon Rocket Racer
Engine Size: 18mm
Launch Guide Length: 36.0000 In

Min velocity for stable flight reached at 25.775" (C6) and 26" (B4).

Motor Max Altitude Dep. Velocity

B6-4 271.42 21.51
C6-5 652.79 18.49
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