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Craig - really cool sketches! I doodle design ideas, but like James said you got a gift for 3D sketching.

James - your Dragon Seeker design is very cool! I like the choice of purple!

I've been working up a couple of new designs including a "C" power version of my Chronos single plyon ring-fin design and a space plane type design. They need a little more tweaking. I've been learning a lot reading through this thread and the previous Barclone threads.

I've updated my RockSim setup with the parts files available from EMMR but it still seems to be lacking some manufacturer parts. Is there a site to get the latest parts files for vendor such as Semroc, Fliskits, BMS, etc.

In the past, I've created some Sub-Assemblies in Rocksim for manufacturer Engine Mount Kits, Engine Baffles etc. Would these sub-assembly designs be appropriate to post in this thread or would a new thread be more appropriate?


... Bill
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