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Exclamation Musical Instrument Digital Interface = "MIDI"

Originally Posted by CPMcGraw
And yes, I understand the reference. My first computer was the Commodore 64, and that was often used as a MIDI controller.
Actually, the explanation was for those of us here who might not have ever heard of the "new-fangled" (post 1960s and -70s) meaning for "midi" ... I mean, "MIDI."

I also made up a preliminary decal for a "MIDI-Roc" design, which will probably be a Semroc LT-115/125 2.25X upscale of my BT-5 original BAR "Mini-Roc," which involved kitbashing an Estes "Nike Arrow." The decal has 3 MIDI port symbols which are labeled "IN," "OUT," and "THRU."


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