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Thumbs up Centuri "Chuter-Two" 1.48X UPSCALE!

Originally Posted by CenturiGuy
...I bring you the 21st century version of Centuri's "Chuter-Two" (and later, the "Chuter-2"), using parts conveniently available from Semroc.
I wasn't real happy with the deployment velocities that RockSim spit out for the 1.00X Chuter-Two, so I *didn't* leave well enough alone and I upscaled it from ST-8 to ST-13.

I left the fin thickness at 3/32" balsa, and I also used thinner fin reinforcements (1/16" instead of 3/32"), and put them on *both* sides of the fins. (As with my first attempt at this design, there's only one parachute in this one. )

The performances (and deployment velocities) on the standard motors are *much* better (i.e., kinder and gentler) on this 1.48X upscale than on the original version.

And I have to issue my usual parts disclaimer: The BC-1371 nose cone is *not* available from Semroc. At least not *yet.*

(For those who *insist* on knowing, the ST-13118 is 11.75" long.)

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