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Thumbs up Carrier Wave: The Recalibration

Originally Posted by CenturiGuy
How many of you have designed a rocket, and when you actually built it, you decided you didn't like it after all?

If that was the case, what did you do?

Did you decide it would work better in a different scale (smaller or larger)?
Okay, here's the deal: I started building my original 18mm sized "Carrier Wave," and I decided it was just too small. Then I took a took at the deployment rates, which turned out to be much too fast on 18mm motors.

So I did a roughly 137% upscale (main body tube went from ST-7 up to ST-10) with an 18mm mount. That gave me *much* better deployment times, so I shoved a 13mm mount into my original design. Voila, problem solved!

So now I'm referring to my upscale as the "Carrier Wave," while the original size is now "Carrier Wave Jr." I'd love to kit this one, but since it bears a striking resemblance to the Estes "rocket parts diagram" from 2004... Well, I'd just rather not take my chances. (Especially with a 2-stage version. )

Craig, I guess this only counts as "one" design.

Propaganda for your consumption follows immediately.
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