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Default Update to my design.

Originally Posted by CPMcGraw

Sounds like a program instability issue to me. Have you tried uninstalling the program, then re-installing, to see if that might clear things up?

Actually, I think I discovered my problems.
First, it showed I needed a 48" rod, I was only using 36".
The margin with respect to the nose cone looked ok, but compared to the largest diameter was marginal (I found about changing that attribute looking through past posts for this).
I also found if I set the launch conditions to 0 wind it was always stable - I was using what appeared to be a default of 8 ~ 15mph.

I moved some things around. I did change the small "radiator" fin tubes to just 3/8" X 1/8" X 3" fins (qty 12) that helped a lot.

It now always shows stable until I increase winds to the 15 ~ 25 mph setting - which I would not fly under anyway. It will launch OK with a 36" rod, although Rocksim indicates it wants a 42" rod. (It never went unstable with the 36" rod)

Finally, I tried to create the paint scheme (Light blue = silver, yellow = gold). I do plan to bevel the top of the tube fins - something I don't think you can do/show in Rock Sim. The inside of the beveled tube fin will be red.

I've ordered the parts so I should have them mid-week. I'll let you know how it flies.
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