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Originally Posted by Les
...This is my first real attempt at a Rocksim design. It has been doing weird things. It always shows I have margin - sometimes even over-stable. But when I do the flight profile, sometimes it is stable and other times it is not (once I just exited without saving and re-started with no changes and got different results). When it has shown to be unstable for the flight sim, I've removed a part of the design. It then flies stable. I then add the original part back, and it is still stable. I've also noted that when I make a design change, the 2D view would not immediately update. If I switched to the 3D (or rear) and then back to 2D the view would then be updated. Could this be part of my stable/unstable issue...


Sounds like a program instability issue to me. Have you tried uninstalling the program, then re-installing, to see if that might clear things up?

A registry cleaner program might also help. Spoken from experience...

I'll look the design over and post back here...

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