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Originally Posted by James Pierson
Another excellent design Craig, I had no idea that there was ever a T-2 tube available. This design seems to have a real "Flow" to it .
Also I am wondering if you have a specific reason for placing the aft CR710 in a more forward position?

James Pierson
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The T-2 is listed on TotallyTubular, so availability TBD. Maybe one day we can come up with enough designs using it for Carl to justify carrying it, too.

The aft CR-710 is 1" from the rear, which is a location I often place the ring at. Some plans only place it 3/4" from the rear, which I think is OK, but it makes the hook a bit stiff when it comes time to remove the spent casing. A stiff hook and a hot casing make it painful on older fingertips.
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