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Originally Posted by LeeR
Well, I am not sure if this is technically a kit bash -- I just stole the nose cone and tube, then added more tubes, sawed of cones, etc.

Attached are pctures of the work in progress, and the box art of the bashed kit. One of the most lame designs using a "Fighter" style nose cone I ever saw come out of Estes. But I bought two of them knowing I'd steal the cone for another project.

This one is a "one-off" -- no plans, I'm refinishing a dresser for my daughter, and decided to invent the build on the fly, between endless sanding I needed a diversion!. It will not be a high-flyer, I used the plastic motor mount out the Astro Sat LSX kit, which is an 18mm mount. (Kit had a fin unit that had glue-in fins, which I left out. The tube is a BT-56, which I glued into a BT-60, and then deformed the tube into an oval, so the outer tube looks like it forms engine intakes.

Will sand, and then primer the whole thing this week. Has been kind of fun to see what happens. I'd cut out a fin template, modify it, try different mounting locations, etc.

This cone had a couple of other turdly Almost RTF designs in its lifetime. One was the dual shuttle bird that had gliders that flew like leaves in the fall. I got one in the Designer's Special that I bought back in 2001 and I was p.o.'d. It gathered dust for most of the spring and I somehow eventually used it in an upscale of a Design Of The Month bird that I called the Marauder. (I think the Intruder was the name of the original plan.) It flew great and was lost after only a couple of flights, and I surprised myself by buying an AstroSat kit to bash into another one. That one is still flying, but showing its age.
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