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Originally Posted by CenturiGuy
Okay, let's see. The nose cone from my Tau Zero (and innumerable other designs here ), the "open-frame" fins are Craig's doing, and the ping-pong ball is courtesy our unofficial Shrox disciple JP. "--Numba Fo', ah don' know."...Overall, though... very cool, JP!

I've figured it out... It's right on the tip of everyone's tongue, and here's a clue: It's the transition section, although James' version is a bit simplified. Think of the Laser-X.

The fourth contributor is Carl@Semroc...

Very good combination of ideas, James! And although the A8-3 doesn't give it much of an altitude boost, I like it in the list. It allows you to fly in tight areas without having it drift away.

Addendum: I also just noticed it qualifies for the VR class...
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