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Wink Jay hazards a partial guess...

Originally Posted by James Pierson
This design is called Alchemy and for good reason. It is a combination of different parts from four different Rocksim designers here on this forum. I wonder if you folks can guess what designs and who made them?
Okay, let's see. The nose cone from my Tau Zero (and innumerable other designs here ), the "open-frame" fins are Craig's doing, and the ping-pong ball is courtesy our unofficial Shrox disciple JP. "--Numba Fo', ah don' know."

Athough after perusing the RockSim file, I'd recommend just skipping the "A" motor and going right to the B's and C's... (see my Sirius "Interrogator" EMRR review ) *after* you replaced that SE-12 screw eye with an SE-14!!!

Overall, though... very cool, JP!

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