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Exclamation Starting a New Class of Designs

The "Schoolyard Sounders" series has been great, and it shows what can be done on limited power. Clearly, there are more designs for this 'class' of design out there, waiting to be drawn up...

Now, I want to open up another class of model, using up to "C" motors, but limiting the top altitude to no greater than 700'. In fact, limiting the flights to 600', or even 500', would be preferable. The idea is to keep the model clearly in visible range, not simply having it disappear to a tiny dot in the sky. The "B" and "C" motors will allow for larger models as well as the greater smoke and roar factor.

There are a lot of designs that fit this category already, so I'm looking for something that isn't immediately available commercially. These designs should fly well, with good stability margins. Use RockSim to design and test these designs, as usual.

The design I've attached is a very simple model in this class, a 3FNC using SEMROC components, and also using the laser-cut fins from their Retro-Repro Astro-1 kit. It is not intended to be complicated, rather just a "starting point" for the series. As I've said before, simple models get flown more often because they're simple. Complex models with goo-gahs and whizz-bangs tacked on generally loose some of these each flight, so they're not as much fun to fly on a regular basis. This is going to be a 'sport' class, where the smoke and fire of larger motors draw the attention.

I call this initial design Astro-13X.

B6-4......265'......Dv 19 FPS......36" guide
C6-5......689'......Dv 10 FPS......36" guide

I have a few other ideas in this category to try out, including some with Tau influence, and some with open-frame-fin ideas. Remember, flame, smoke, and roar are the features I'm looking for in this class, not altitude. I'm also looking for suggestions as to what this class should be named...

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