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Originally Posted by James Pierson
Here is a design I call the Tau Astron Nomex. I have experimented a little with Jay's Tau nose cone and realize just how darn good it makes a longer rocket look....

B: Use the 3/32" balsa and paint both sides after mounting with CA??

Very neat and cool, James!

One more for the BARCLONE tally. I need to get these last few sent to Scott for the roundup...

Your option "B" is the way to go, unless you can locate some really flat, unwarped 1/16" sheet stock. You'd have to hand-pick the sheet. Laminating with label stock will improve them, yes, but you still need a warpless balsa core to begin with. Pressing the laminated fins between two heavy flat irons overnight wouldn't hurt, either. Using 3/32" gives a little more dimensional stability.

Now, doing all of that plus having Carl cut out the laminated fins with his Krell Laser might keep the stresses in the balsa from coming back. Or not...
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