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Lightbulb New Design: Tau Astron Nomex

Here is a design I call the Tau Astron Nomex. I have experimented a little with Jay's Tau nose cone and realize just how darn good it makes a longer rocket look. Very Very Cool! Although I would rather have it in a lighter PNC version where it would be a little lighter and clay nose wieght could be added if necessary.

As far as these thin rounded fins go, I am calling them out as 3/32" thick balsa, yet I think they need not be cardstock.(wieght factor). Here are two other choices:

A: Use 1/16" balsa and rienforce both sides with mailing label self stick paper???
B: Use the 3/32" balsa and paint both sides after mounting with CA??

Both choices should be lightwieght and strong. Any opinions and other options welcome.

This one is for the Sci-Fi fans.

Enjoy and Thanks Again, JP

James Pierson
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