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Originally Posted by James Pierson
Thanks alot guys for all the kind words as they are greatly appreciated. I think that the greatest compliment that a rocket geek like me could have is for someone to actually build one of my posted designs. Now that would be cool.

Here is a design I cooked up called the Guardian. All I had to work with was a end view drawing I had in my rocketry journal. Hope you all like it.

Thanks Again and Enjoy, JP

James Pierson
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You've been putting out some good work, especially in this 13mm category. I'm really pleased you've concentrated your efforts in this area. As I've said before, most of us just don't have the large fields available to us. A local schoolyard is the best we can hope to use. These may not be the highest-flying designs, but you've found like I did that you can get a lot of performance out of a smaller motor, and have an eye-catching design, too.

There are several of your designs that I'm looking to build. That PQM you came up with earlier, for example.

Here's a heads-up for everyone: The "catalog" that I was trying to work up has turned into something a bit more challenging in the form of a website update. This update will use a database to keep a record of downloads and which designs are most-popular, and will have a "What's New" section to showcase the most recent additions. Hopefully I can include a Gallery of photos whenever we start receiving them...
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