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I made some adjustments to the files based on text comments I made on the RS design. Attached below are both CDR 10 and 13 files (zipped).
  • Sheet A -- Only one part, the Dish Pylon. I've modified the cutting pattern to get 4 kit sheets from a 4" x 9" blank.
  • Sheet B -- This represents the biggest change. The pylons are hollow gas passages, with the inner cores made from 3/16" launch lugs. What I needed were some thin skins to overlay those lugs, with balsa strips for the LE and TE. Can we do this with 1/64" ply, or is this asking a bit much of the death ray?
  • Sheet C -- No major change from your pattern.
  • Sheet D -- Only change was to adjust the center line of the slot with the center line of the LE point. Otherwise, no major change to the outline.

Let me know how these alterations affect your setup.
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