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Originally Posted by MDorffler
Mary and I created the master list of what we thought would make the best Classic kits. We then went through our selections with marketing and the boss, and made the final selections.

Hi Mike,

First of all, I wanted to say I think it's great that you are taking all the questions everyone has wanted to ask for years. Your answers and general information have been educational and entertaining. I also wanted to say Verna & I have had a great deal of enjoyment and fun with what I now understand to be your work.

Having said that please understand that I don't mean for this to sound critical, if it does I apologize in advance, but to be honest, while I may have missed something, I was a little surprised a few months back when the original announcement was made about the first batch of classic kits and there were no major NASA vehicles among them, i.e. Titan III, Atlas, Saturn V, etc. I realize the term "classic" mainly means "Estes classic" not necessarily NASA, but it's hard to imagine a classic rockets list without a NASA vehicle.

Was that because the classic kits were scheduled to be released on paper in more than one batch? If so, why more than one? Why not just announce them all at once?

If you can't say which ones, can you tell us the number of NASA vehicles that will be among the classic kits other than the Saturn V? BTW, glad to hear it will be improved over the 2157 kit.

Again, thanks for sharing!

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