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Originally Posted by CenturiGuy
Craig and Bill,

You guys are getting kind of sophisticated for me.

Can you explain (in layman's terms) what the thinking is behind specifying the CG locations in these balsa parts? ('Cause frankly I'm pretty clueless as to why you're doing that. )


You mean, why did we choose 71% as the position of the CG, or why we bothered at all?

The 71% location is a "best guess" ball-park figure for "getting the location close". It's not accurate, and can probably use some tweaking in the future. I'm already thinking that the value will be different with each shape, as some have more "bulk" in one direction than the other. It will help in the total balance of the model because RockSim uses these figures to work from, as a "starting point". It will, in the long haul, improve the flight simulation reports of our designs.
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