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Default Final Thoughts for 2008

I am recognizing Steve's revised Egg Crate as the last official BDS entry for 2008. This post will be counted as two entries, one with 24mm power, and the other with 29mm. If he had given us a design with a changeable mount, then it would have only been one entry.

We are going to lock down the "BARCLONE Designer's Studio" thread to new posts in a few days, and create a new thread to take the 2009 posts. This is mostly for archival purposes, as we have perhaps the longest threads on the forum. By starting fresh each year, these threads can be kept relatively safe for referencing later. The new thread will be called "BARCLONE Designer's Studio 2009", and should be available for posting today. Please begin using the new thread when it becomes visible.

I want to say Thank You to everyone who helped us cross the 500-design milepost in 2008, and I look forward to seeing the next mileposts rush past so fast they're nearly invisible. We are only about 30 designs short of 600 now, after locating some previously-missed posts from the old "Scrounged" threads. The 700-design target should be passed easily before the end of the year, and we may be seeing the 800-design target before we realize it. You can be a part of this project, too. Grab a copy of RockSim 9 and start playing with it, learning it, getting comfortable with the features. Then let your mind run free!
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