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Originally Posted by rkt2k1

Did you download v9 beta from Apogee website? I tried to download evaluation until I get my ordered copy, but it appears to be still be v8.0.1. Are you and Jay part of the beta testers group?

No, I'm not. I had problems placing an order on the Apogee website, and ended up placing an order over the phone. Michelle Mason and I e-mailed back and forth. She said that they weren't sending V.8 unless people were specifically requesting it.

So like Craig, I downloaded the 30-day functional RS9 beta from a direct URL. As much as I hate to burst everybody's bubble, no, I wasn't a betatester and I didn't get any special treatment. (Okay, talking to Michelle at Apogee on the phone was nice because she's a very helpful and professional person, but that's *it.* )

Here's the "about" information from the copy I'm using:


"Version information

Apogee Components RockSim
Version: 9.0.0b64
Copyright: 2006 Paul L. Fossey
Beta release, 64
You must register this program before Sun Jan 11 23:59:59 2009
in order to continue using it."


That's all I got.

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